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DC Book fair is a part of the retailing arm of DC books. The Book fair division has mainly three different types of functions. Firstly, it holds the periodic DC International Book Fair & Cultural Fest which is really a much awaited event in this part of the world. DC International Book Fair is more of a cultural extravaganza with art fests, seminars, book releases and more.

Secondly, DC Books partakes in other book fairs on the domestic and international turf. While participating in fairs elsewhere in India, DC exhibits books from other publishers. At the same time, while participating in international fairs like London Book Fair, the division takes along only books published by the various DC divisions. These are Mango and Tumbi, imprints for children in English.; Mambazham, a children’s imprint in the vernacular Malayalam; and DC books publications in various languages.

And thirdly, DC Books hosts exhibitions for institutions and other establishments on request spreading the light of knowledge to far off places

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